Episode #59


Anonymous said...

i'm a chinese & that chinese part doesnt really make sense
but still very funny
keep up the good work & one day this comic will be famous

Anonymous said...

One of your best comics so far!
All the best for this comic, it deserves it.


Jonh Smith said...

Lol, great like always.

Anonymous said...

Заткнись, иаи на хуй!
Shut up, ??? on dick!

Probably should be:
Заткнись, или на хуй!
Shut up, or on dick!

winrar free download said...

I asked my Russian friend, he said the Russian part makes sense :) It means "Shut up, f**k you"

Russian One said...

really? chinese part doesn't make sense? i am russian and russian part actually makes sense, it says 'shut up, f... you' :)
it makes this even funnier.

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